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  • Can I visit your co-packing facility?
    ANSWER: We encourage customers to visit. Our Chief Operating Officer Paul Adamission likes to have a one-on-one interview with potential customers and to give a tour of the plant so the customer becomes familiar with the process of production. This will also let you see what IPAC’s capabilities are. Maybe we can help you with other products as well.
  • What if I can’t visit?
    ANSWER: That’s not a problem. We are happy to answer any questions on the phone or through email. We have customers that we have never met face to face who we have done business with for years.
  • Is my recipe protected?
    ANSWER: We sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement with all customers, and all of our employees are under the same agreement. Also, IPAC does not retail its own label so we will never be in competition with you.
  • How much will it cost to have my product made?
    ANSWER: That depends. Our prices are highly competitive, however because we treat every product as a custom project several factors will affect the cost. This approach tends to keep expenses down and give you more choices. Here are a few things that will affect the cost of your product: Ingredients: We can purchase many ingredients in bulk, and using these will keep costs lower. Seasonal ingredients, exotic ingredients, and high-end brands all tend to increase costs. Packaging: As with ingredients, we stock a standard set of packaging options which we order in bulk, and using these tends to be the least expensive route. We can use other packaging styles, but it could increase your costs. If you have a particular bottle in mind that we don’t carry, let us know (and if you have a purchasing lead for it mention that as well) and we’ll factor it in. Volume: We will manufacture almost any volume, but larger volumes become less expensive per unit produced, with our first price break coming at the size of one kettle (roughly 140 cases retail). The end effect is that to get an accurate quote for your product, we must do R&D first. We encourage you to contact us to discuss this process.
  • What packaging options do you offer?
    ANSWER: For food service, we have gallon jugs and 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and totes. For retail, we offer a variety of containers, from 5 oz. to 24 oz. in volume. If you need a bottle we don’t carry we can find it, though this may affect production costs.
  • I don’t need a huge production run. What are your minimums?
    ANSWER: We don’t really have minimum runs since our production process is very scalable. However, costs decrease with larger volumes. We will do any size run you want, but our first price break is at approximately 140 cases of retail. Food service yields vary depending on container size. The only exception to this is on some of our more obscure house recipes, for which we prefer to do a full run (approximately 120-140 cases).
  • What if I need dozens of pallets of product? Can you handle large volumes?
    ANSWER: We work with several large restaurant chains on flagship products, so large order volumes are not a problem. We have yet to see an order we can‘t handle.
  • Are there penalties for order changes or cancellations?
    ANSWER: Generally not, however this depends on the product as well as the nature of the changes. For example, if ingredients or packaging have already been purchased for your product changes to these things could affect your cost.
  • Can you help with supply chain services?
    ANSWER: All products are sold FOB (Freight On Board) IPAC, INC. That is, freight charges are separate from and in addition to production costs. We are an approved vendor for most all national distributors. We have many discounts with major national carriers, and IPAC shops rates around with multiple carriers as a service for our customers.
  • Would I have to use your shipping company or could I arrange the pick-up with my carrier?
    ANSWER: Our customers always have the option of setting up their own freight.
  • How broad is your geographic footprint? Can you help with national needs if I expand?
    ANSWER: We have customers that distribute throughout the continental US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • How long will the product last?
    ANSWER: Most products have a minimum shelf life of 6 months. Shelf life for your individual product is determined during R&D.
  • Do you provide insurance?
    ANSWER: Yes, we cover our customers with industry-standard liability insurance on the products we make. For more information please contact our office.
  • Are you familiar with the packaging and procedure requirements of grocery stores?
    ANSWER: We have many customers in different grocery chains across the country, and are able to meet their requirements. Each grocery chain can have different requirements, so it is a good idea to know the specifications of any chain you would like your product to be placed in so that we can accommodate them.
  • What type of quality control does IPAC have?
    ANSWER: IPAC follows a TQM philosophy, which includes strict SOP, SSOP, and HACCP programs, all of which are comprehensive and up-to-date.
  • Who inspects your firm and what organizations have approved your plant?
    ANSWER: The Florida Department of Agriculture, the FDA, the US Military (as requested) and independent inspections as requested or required by national companies.
  • Who is responsible for the product labels?
    The cost, quantity, and content of the labels is ultimately your responsibility. Although we can provide the nutritional information and advice regarding federal regulations, it is up to you to ensure the label is correct and in compliance. We have trusted printing and design companies that we can refer you to. Keep in mind, if you decide not to use one of our suggested companies, it is best to use a printer that specializes in food labels and is familiar with current label requirements. They should be able to help with the UPC codes and other information.
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