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Research & Development


Our R&D chef will work one on one with you to take your  recipe & commercialize it to a production friendly formulation. We can also work with you to develop new products you can add to your line. 


                         DEVELOPING A RECIPE

We can develop or assist you in developing a sauce or dressing to fit your needs.

                          YOUR RECIPE

To set your mind at ease...
We will gladly furnish and sign a confidentiality contract before beginning. 



  • Bring in a sample of your product.

  • We will need a copy of your recipe in order to reproduce it. Changes may need to be made with your approval to make shelf stable or to keep your price more economical. High end ingredients/brand names can make your product expensive. We have alternative products and flavors at a lesser cost that can be substituted.

  • Choose packaging, design of label, printing.


  • Research and Development.

  • We will prepare a minimal sample, 2-3 bottles to ensure the correct flavor, consistency, and quality of your product.


  • Once you accept the sample, we will cost it for you and furnish you with an Ingredient Statement and Nutritional Panel.


  • Production

Once your initial process is complete your order is just a phone call away.

                        OUR RECIPES

  • We have a line of products available for private label.

  • For companies with a signature product that want to expand their line.

  • To increase revenue for restaurants and retail shops.

  • For promotional or charity events.


.  There is an affordable all-inclusive, non-refundable fee for R&D to develop each product. This fee includes:


  • A sample bottle of finished product for your final approval

  • A bench top of your recipe

  • Costing for your product

  • An ingredient statement

  • Nutritional information

  • A nutritional label printed to federal government regulations

  • Product compliance with all state and federal government regulations and allergen compliance evaluations.

Though it very rarely occurs, sometimes changes need to be made after the initial R&D phase.  If excessive reformulations are required then additional charges will apply. Likewise, if changes to the recipe are made later in the production process (for instance, after any special ingredients are purchased) additional charges will apply.


****NOTE:  Those products that cannot be heat treated ( pasteurized)  at 190 degree heating and hot filled into containers still must go through the above R & D process , but in addition , according to new Federal Laws must go through an additional Lab Test.  If your product comes under this category, additional explanation of the process and charges for that will be discussed.

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